Why Opt For Digital Business Card Solutions

Getting your new phone number or email address into business cards is easy enough. But printing a whole new batch and replacing the old ones is cumbersome, expensive, and not sustainable. This is why more and more people are opting for digital business card solutions like HiHello, Haystack, Linq, and others.

These solutions typically feature an intuitive app for creating and sharing e-business cards, with options for uploading images, videos, and third-party links as well. Most offer a free version with basic features, while more advanced features can be purchased as needed.

Some e-business card apps include more than just contact information; they also provide networking opportunities by linking to chat functions or dedicated virtual meeting platforms. This is especially useful for fostering connections in environments where internet access can be limited, such as on flights or at overcrowded conferences.

Many digital business card solutions offer the ability to scan paper business cards into their platform, which makes the transition between the two even easier for tech-friendly recipients. The scanned data can then be stored in a centralized contact list with organization tools to facilitate follow-ups and meetings.

Depending on the digital business card solution you choose, it may be able to integrate with sales CRM tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce, making it easy for your team to track prospect interactions. Uniqode, for example, offers bulk creation capabilities that let you create 2,000 e-business cards in just a few seconds, along with API access and 4,000+ integrations via Zapier and Make. Its robust security measures are SOC-2 Type 2 & GDPR compliant. for Digital Business Card

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