Water Tank Maintenance Services

Water tank maintenance services include inspections, cleaning, repairs and painting. The type and extent of the work required depends on the location, conditions and use of the tank. Regular tank cleaning can help prevent the accumulation of sediment that negatively impacts water quality.

The first step in building a comprehensive maintenance program for water tanks is to have the structure inspected by one of Maguire’s water tower experts. During an inspection, an expert will assess the structural, sanitary, security and coatings condition of the structure. The inspector will then outline specific maintenance needed to restore the structure. Once the tank has been inspected, it will need to be dewatered and prepared for cleaning and repair.

During the cleaning and repair process, it is necessary to drain, clean and disinfect the tank. It is also essential to check and inspect the tank inlet, booster pumps, piping and any other equipment associated with the tank.

Tank maintenance programs are an effective way to extend the service life of a water tank or tower. They enable industry professionals to catch issues, such as corrosion or coating delamination, before they can become serious problems. Ultimately, this can lead to increased water tank service life and reduced maintenance costs.

When choosing a contractor to perform water tank maintenance services, look for those with extensive experience and positive customer reviews. Make sure they have a risk assessment and safety plans for their work and that they are properly trained, certified and suitably equipped with PPE. Also, make sure they are fully insured. water tank maintenance services

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