Types of Photo Cutout Service

Image Cutout Service is a Photoshop pic trim solution that helps in isolating specific subjects from the background. It also helps in creating a clean and polished image that grabs attention for its users. It is an essential tool for e-commerce owners, magazine or catalog companies, famous model products & fashion photographers and pre-press & printing services providers.

There are various types of Photo Cutout Service available depending on the requirement of the client. The most basic one is the Basic Product Image Cutout Service. This service typically involves a single clipping path with few curves and less holes. It is mainly used for curved or circular objects like mobile phones, eggs, balls etc.

The next one is the Medium Product Image Cutout Service. This type of editing process is slightly harder than its ancestor as it needs more complex edge marking. It also requires a lot of anchor points around the image. It is a bit more challenging to edit photos with this service, but the result is spectacular.

The most advanced one is the Multiple Product Image Cutout Service. This service is a specialty of CEI. This type of editing process is very time-consuming and detailed. The final product contains different layers with different designs, textures and color palettes. It is ideal for GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogs, e-commerce products, web template and much more. Moreover, it can be changed or modified in terms of enhancing or changing the color level, multiple fillings, opacity, size, rotation, filters and effects.

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