The 5 Deciding Factors When Choosing A Hair Salon

Are you struggling to attract new customers to your hair salon? Here are the top 5 deciding factors for potential customers when choosing where to go.

1. Reputation

When choosing a new salon, most people will ask friends and family members about their recommendations. They may even just ask the people whose hair they like where they go. Recommendations may not even come into it. Every style you shape is a walking, albeit subtle, advertisement for your salon.

2. Pricing

People will check your prices before they decide whether to visit your salon. This could work in your favour or it could work against you, but the main thing is to have some tempting offers for people to take up. They may think you’re a little expensive to begin with, but if you can get them through the door and show them why you charge a tad more than the salon next door, you could have a customer for life.

3. Convenience

Ultimately, many people will choose a salon based on location and its proximity to where they live or work. While you can’t really change this too easily, it could be that the reason you aren’t bringing in more customers is because your salon is in a bad location. If you’re not in a position to relocate, you may have to work that little bit harder to get them to visit you.

4. Appearance

If the potential customer is already aware of your salon, then they may have even walked past your window. Or they may be on the verge of giving you a try. In both instances, you need to make a great first impression. The way to do that is with excellent hairdressing furniture and salon equipment. If yours have seen better days or you think an upgrade would improve how people perceive your salon, then it could be a worthwhile investment.

5. Service

If they do try you out, then you need to provide them with unrivaled levels of service. That way, they’ll see the value of coming back time and time again. Consider little extras like comfortable waiting areas and cups of tea and coffee. And always be friendly and chatty. Have a good repertoire of things to say and make them feel welcome. Vernis à ongles

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