Pilates in Wollongong – Book Your Next Class With Confidence

Pilates is a body conditioning programme that teaches efficient movement patterns and provides general wellbeing through controlled exercises. It is the foundation of a healthy mind and body and can help improve posture, flexibility, core strength and balance. Unlike some other exercise programs that are purely strength or cardio based, Wellness Traditional Pilates is a more holistic approach to movement with a strong focus on core stability & correct body alignment. Group sessions are kept small to allow for more personal interaction, feedback & guidance ensuring you will get the most out of your experience and truly reap the benefits of pilates when performed correctly.

With state of the art Clinical Pilates equipment including trapeze tables, reformer beds, Wunda chairs and wobble boards in conjunction with fun toys like foam rollers and swiss balls, we are able to tailor each class to suit YOU and your body. Our classes range from a safe gentle exercise to a high level challenge. Our specialised classes include pre/post natal Pilates which helps return the postural muscles to their optimal levels. Pause is designed specifically for women experiencing the unique changes in their bodies through peri- and menopause.

The first step in any Physiotherapy or Clinical Pilates treatment is a thorough one-on-one assessment with your therapist. This allows your therapist to take a full medical and injury history and provide you with a detailed explanation of the best treatment options for you. They will prescribe techniques and exercises that are specific to your needs, allowing you to progress faster and achieve better outcomes.

Make it easy on yourself and book your next Pilates appointment at the touch of a button with Bookwell. Whether you are after studio pilates, pregnancy yoga or even a clinical pilates session in North Wollongong, we have you covered. With great businesses in your local area, Bookwell makes it simple to compare prices, services and reviews to find the best treatment for you. So go on, book your next appointment with confidence and get your life back in motion. pilates in wollongong

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