Light Codes and Ascension

Light codes are encoded messages you can receive and transmit in a deep meditative state. They carry healing energy that restores your body’s natural balance of vibrational frequencies. These light transmissions may take on a variety of forms including words, visuals, sounds, feelings, or intuition.

They are energetic upgrades, attunements to higher frequencies that ignite a new hope in your life. They help you to heal and clear your aura, connecting you to pure source energy and bringing you closer to your spiritual awakening.

While many people have heard of light codes, there are very few who know what they really are or how to activate them. It is believed that starseeds and lightworkers have a significant role to play in the activation of these sacred energies.

It’s also believed that light code activation is a part of the ascension process. This means that you are being asked to step up into a bigger, grander version of yourself, one which is connected to the universe and beyond.

This can be a very confusing process for those not yet awakened to the idea of an infinite, multi-dimensional universe. It is important to understand that light codes and ascension are a part of a greater reality and that the universe is always transforming. The key is to be open and trusting to the universe’s unfolding. You can do this by remaining in a calm and balanced space, which is why meditation is such an effective practice.

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