Woom Bikes Review

Woom Bikes are the perfect bike for kids who aren’t afraid of speed, but need a little extra help with their balance and coordination. Their lightweight and uniquely designed bikes are the best way to teach young kids to ride a bicycle without any training wheels. They’re also great for older kids who want to take on more adventurous rides, like going off-road or around town with friends. These bikes are built to last and can easily be passed down from one child to the next.

Unlike most kids bikes that are designed with adult geometry in mind, woom bikes are built with kid-friendly ergonomics that take into account the smaller frame and shorter legs of children. Their low sitting position and bottom bracket helps kids feel more stable and comfortable, and the long wheelbase allows them to maneuver with ease. The bikes are also engineered with narrow tread, small cranks, and an adjustable brake lever that can be reached by kids with smaller fingers.

The woom NOW 5 is the perfect choice for kids 8-11 who want to ride to school, meet up with friends or go on more ambitious adventures. It takes the standard NOW and replaces the 24″ rear wheel with a 20″ wheel to lower the center of gravity for more precise and confident steering. The NOW also has a space in the front triangle for a front rack so kids can carry their gear.

Our test rider, Lyle – age 9, loved the NOW. He loves to ride fast and enjoys heading out for more adventurous trips around town or off-road. He also has a lot of confidence on the bike and really enjoyed the ‘floating wheel’ sensation that comes with a smaller front wheel. He was impressed with the size of the front rack as well. It was large enough to carry a full school bag and plenty of other gear too.

Kids who love to ride to school or other places with their friends and spend a lot of time riding may want the NOW 6. This jack-of-all-trades takes a standard NOW and adds a bigger front rack for more capacity and a rear fork mount for panniers. The NOW 6’s frame is also built for stability with a low bottom bracket and an upright riding position.

Founded in Austria, woom bikes are now made by an American family-run business from Austin, TX. They’re a leader in high-quality and safe bicycles for kids and have an extensive range of accessories. They’re a great option for families who want to give their kids a quality bike that can grow with them, and the company offers a trade-in program so parents can keep up with growing kids without buying new bikes all the time.

One thing that makes woom unique is their UpCycling program, which gives kids the opportunity to upgrade their old woom to the latest model for a 40% discount on the purchase of a new woom. This is a great way to ensure that kids have the right bike for their growth and development, and it also helps them avoid cycling-related injuries. woom

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