Wireless Surveillance Camera

21st Century security consumers are not only corporate houses, malls, offices, metros and highways but it has permeated into common households. The reason is obvious.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras or wireless security cameras, in their latest ‘avatar’ are commonly that which transmits an audio and video signal to a wireless receiving instrument using a licensed radio band. If it’s powered by normal electricity supply then it has at least on the wire. If it is battery powered then it is completely wireless.

Wireless cameras are becoming very popular due to low cost, user friendly, wireless internet route and highly flexible mounting possibility. It now comes in several variations. It is available in toy model and reaches the highest technical possibility level. One can avail any model priced between 100 USD to 5000 USD.

Some manufacturers believe in low cost that gives better dividend from a high percentage of sales. As such their price range begins from mere 60 USD to 450 USD but providing a similar range of facilities.

One such low cost wireless camera is 5.8G STB Wireless A/V Transmitter & Receiver Sharing Device (150M) PAT-530 priced at $59.95. It provides 5.8 GHz wireless transmission covering a long range without interference and can transmit audio-visual signals of DVR, DVD, CCTV, IPTV, STB Satelite, digital STB TV and the likes. There is a super heterodyne 43 MHz infrared remote control device for maneuvering from the receiving end where a display TV is housed. This plug and play device supports 8 groups of channels without interference from each other. The free shipping package comprises of one transmitter, one receiver, two power adapters, 2 AV connection cables, one IR remote signal extension wire and a manual.

A more sophisticated version is the 2.4GHZ 4-Channel Real Time Receiving NTSC Motion Detection CMOS Wireless Camera DVR Kits With Remote Control. It easily covers 100 meter open radius. Based on the NSTC video system and CMOS image sensor device, it runs on 5V DC at 1.5 ampere having four transmission frequencies.

If you are the persons who never compromise and go for the best then there is IPS507 +C21 which a 4 channel 2.4 GHz wireless Audio video Night Vision Security IP Camera Server equipped with 4 cameras which is the best buy equally for do it yourself kind and the professionals. It has a USB receiver and an established software that permits viewing through all the four cameras for single image viewing. It can stream video from a remote site. It has an email alert facility that warns the user away from the location of any scant movement in a vacant location such as home. Its history recording Facebook on remote PC is excellent. iptv uk

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