Why Is My Conservatory Leaking?

Building a conservatory is a great way to add space to your home, and can also add significant value to your property. But if a problem develops with the conservatory, such as a leak, it can cause considerable damage, especially if you have made it your little sanctuary complete with TV and soft furnishings.

Maintaining your conservatory is much easier to do if you know what threats to look out for. Here are our tips for what could cause your conservatory to leak.

1. Roof

Over time, exposed to the elements, your conservatory roof can become damaged. A leak could be caused by roof panels slipping; similarly, the vents or capping could have become damaged or loose. The best thing to do is to take a really good look at your conservatory roof when it is first built (or when it is ‘healthy’) so that you will be able to see if anything looks awry at a later stage. If your roof has already started to leak and you don’t know what it looked like before, look at images online of conservatory roofs to see if you can spot something obvious.

If something looks wrong or you can’t tell either way, get a conservatory roof company to check it out for you. It may be something that can be fixed, or you might need a new roof (you won’t necessarily need a whole new conservatory). Meanwhile, move everything out of there before it can be damaged.

2. Floor

Pipes beneath the floor or a poorly sealed floor can lead to leaks. If you notice water seeping up from beneath your laminate flooring then you need to act quickly – get an expert in to work out where the water is coming from and stop the leak before it causes damage to the conservatory and the rest of the house through damp.

3. Wall

It could be just that the seal between your conservatory and house has shrunk or become damaged and needs to be replaced. Before you call out someone to try to repair the problem, carefully observe the conditions in which the leak occurs.

You might not be able to tell exactly where the leak is coming from (roof leaks are notoriously difficult to trace) but can you tell which way the wind is blowing when the water comes in? Or what the weather was like that day? Does the roof always leak when it rains, or just sometimes? Making a note of the circumstances in which your conservatory leaks can help whomever comes to inspect the problem, making it easier for the problem to be identified and put right. solid conservatory roof

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