Who Is a Lawyer Hattingen

Anwalt Hattingen A family law attorney (Familialrechter) handles a wide variety of legal matters concerning families and individuals. These include divorces, child custody issues, and spousal support cases. An attorney can also help with prenuptial agreements and paternity cases. Family law attorneys must have a thorough understanding of state laws, as well as the federal laws that govern family matters.

During the steel-crisis of the 1980s the production of escalators at the company “Kone” in Hattingen is halted, resulting in the loss of nearly 300 jobs. The junior-band “Nurso” from Hattingen takes part in the Bravo-Supershow and wins the title of best school band in Germany. The new bridge over the Ruhrbrucke is opened. In the course of the local elections the National Socialists seize power in the district. In the so called ‘Reichskristallnacht’ Nazis burn down the synagogue at Bahnhofstrasse and scavenge jewish homes and businesses. The community Blankenstein is renamed to city Hattingen and the communities of Stiepel, Holthausen, Henrichshutte, Welper, Baak, and Winz are added to the new city.

Since 1998, attorney Stolz has been the author of the chapter on the contribution law of accident insurance in the “Anwaltshandbuch Sozialversicherungsrecht” (Lawyer’s Manual on Social Security). The book is published by C.H.Beck and has been in the 5th edition since 2016.

As head of the corporate group department and as a member of the Management Board of CORESTATE Capital Group, attorney Daniel Lohken (Rechtsanwalt) is responsible for all legal departments, compliance, risk management, and internal audit. He has over 10 years of experience in corporate, banking and capital markets law with a focus on real estate.

During the war, the artist Maria Schieb (born in Hattingen) created works of art using watercolours, woodcuts and linocuts that contained up to six different hand-pulled blocks. Her artistic work gained her a reputation as one of the most famous women artists in the country. She travelled extensively and spent periods of time in Yugoslavia, France, Italy and the United States. During the allied occupation, she designed porcelain figures for a factory in Munich and worked as a teacher of general artistic design at the Folkwangschule in Essen. She returned to her hometown in the post-war period. Her works are displayed in museums in Europe and the US. Her painting ‘Woman with a Hat’ is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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