What Is an Eyeleting Machine?

Eyeleting machine is a specialized textile device that creates and reinforces eyelets (also known as grommets) in a single step. In the process, a hole is punched in the fabric and a metal grommet is inserted to reinforce and decorate the area around the hole. The eyelet is then hammered down and bent to enclose the raw ends of the hole, preventing unraveling. The three components of an eyeleting machine are the stoppers and table, hopper, and die.

The hopper holds loose metal grommets, which are then pushed down into a hole by a rotating metal finger, as shown in the image above. The hopper is usually specified to hold a specific size of grommet. Some machines have built-in storage for additional grommets, which can be added as needed during the operation of the machine.

When a worker positions a document to be fastened on the jig, it is then positioned against the die, and a mechanical pedal is pressed. This forces the punch to cut a hole through the document and the corresponding metal eyelet.

Some eyeleting machines, like the one pictured above from the Elli Buk Collection, mounted the eyelets one at a time as they were used. Other machines, such as the IDL Eyeleter marketed in 1915, used strips of eyelets that were automatically fed into place by the machine, much like Hotchkiss strip staplers.

The development of automatic eyelet machines, such as the Multipress pictured above, allowed print shops to increase their production while maintaining the quality and efficiency of the eyeleting process. These advanced systems have become the ideal choice for large production cycles and offer a fundamental improvement in terms of time and cost savings. Regardless of the type of eyeleting system used, Stimpson always recommends using quality eyelets and washers to achieve maximum reliability when using an Eyeleting machine. For more information about our full line of eyelets, grommets and washers, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right products for your needs. We also offer a variety of manual and semi-automatic eyeleting tools that can be used with our machines as well as for other purposes. These items can be purchased individually or as part of a convenient starter kit that includes the most popular attachments.

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