What is a Teaser?

A Teaser is a short summary of a story or film that is designed to entice viewers. It usually contains only some key elements of the story and does not give out any details about the plot.

The best teasers use superlatives and rhetorical questions to pique the reader’s interest. Avoid inflammatory words or shocking claims as they can backfire and lose readers’ trust. Also, don’t promise the moon and stars if you aren’t going to deliver. This will only leave the audience feeling duped and cheated, which will destroy your credibility.

Teasers are often used in films to create hype before the release of a movie. They are created much earlier than the actual trailer. Teasers typically last between 13 seconds and a minute, and they give the audience a small taste of what the film is about.

They are also useful for attracting investors who may be interested in a particular company. The teaser will often contain the company’s location and its capabilities, as well as the type of products and services that it offers. The teaser will also provide a brief history of the company, as well as a list of its most important customers.

Another important feature of a teaser is that it should include a call to action. This will encourage the reader to pre-order the book, set a reminder for its release date or link their social media accounts so that they can keep up with any milestones leading up to its release.

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