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This series includes Varrstoen Varrstoen sector 100,

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 200 and 300 via the Classic Series, designed for street and race wheels in various designs. The average weight of a wheel Varrstoen is £ 25. Offering durability and a selection of the time offsets of 17, 18 and 19 inches, it is no wonder that the wheels are too Varrstoen asked the tribe and tuning fans. Varrstoen constant attention focused on developing new models for groups

By applying the latest technology designed Varrstoen size used in a large body of high-powered cars will be big brake kit. Features at a conference Varrstoen strong and is ideal for sports field or road riding.
“The wheels make the difference”
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What’s is PCD   
PCD used for (pitch circle diameter) is the diameter of a circle that passes through the center of the wheel bolt exercises. PCD is considered in mm and shows the number of nails or bolts the helm will have. If the model number is still mounting holes (four, six or eight management) measures only the center hole of the terminal in the center of the wheel in front of the hole in the center of the beam opposite. In five lobes, measured from the central hole in the center hole of the terminal assembly outside, overlooking the adjacent hole. The measurement is slightly smaller than the diameter of the circle of true bolts. For example, a vehicle with a standard bolt (5 x 120) of the node means that the vehicle is five or terminal screws, measuring 120 mm in addition to other bars. under is a diagram of how to measure bolt patterns. has a program that calculates the assembly meant for you.

What Hub size / center hole
 Since most of the wheel of mass production, there is a large diameter center to accommodate different vehicles. If there is a vibration problem, we recommend the use of central ring center. The center rings are rings of hard plastic wheel / aluminum how the vehicle. The center of the wheel and make your wheel hub.
Varrstoen value their commitment to maintain our blog, not only in relation to the sports car and the street scene. gauge sizes

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