When You Wish Upon A Star

Aster means star. Dis-aster occurs when you don’t honor
your star.

Your star. That place in you that holds all your brilliant
qualities, traits, and talents. You know when you are operating
from your star. Your Fabulous Four — health, wealth,
relationships, and self-expression — blaze with success and
well-being. You know it when you are in your star-being
and your star-doing.

Have you lost contact with your star? Not a good thing to
do as you then court disaster. Where is your star hiding
its light? Have you forgotten it into some black hole? Have
you developed the habit of mediocrity? A routine of
ordinariness? Have you obfuscated it into fuzziness?

Dust off and propel your pulsar. Quicken that inner quasar.
The world wants to see your radiance. When we shine as stars,
we let other people know their dreams can come true, too.
People can make wishes on your star.

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I Recall Tonight

Your star never burns out. It may burn dull. Be very still and
you can feel it. Recall all the good things you have done and
your star will come out — even in the darkest night. Some of
us are very hard on ourselves and our star then fades. Don’t
do that. Sing your song, climb to your summit. No more
dis-aster for you, right?

All of us can remember a few shining moments in our lives.
Focus your full attention on those moments and your star
will begin to vibrate and resonate with those memories.
And then it will shine again, giving to you and those in
your life many astronomical gifts.

Be kind-hearted and star-hearted with yourself.

And Today . . .

Buy a box of tiny stars. Remember those little stars?
The kind that look like shiny foil and stick to things.
They are very small, smaller than a coin. Perhaps your
teachers used them back in school to reward accomplishments.
Buy a box of gold stars. Or maybe a box of multi-colored stars.
Armed with your stars?

Every hour today (yes, every sixty minutes), write down
something you have done during that hour that sprang from
your star-being or your star-doing. Next to what you have
written, give yourself a star from your box of small stars
— symbolizing and honoring your big STAR. By the close of the
day, your star will be shining brighter and more brilliantly.

Review your star log as you end the day. Wear a dazzling
smile as you do so. Dis-aster is gone. A star is born. Star Plus Energy

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