The Importance of a Real Estate Lawyer in Spain

If you want to buy or sell real estate in Spain, a good property lawyer is indispensable for you. This makes sure that the process is carried out effectively and in line with Spanish law. This also helps prevent legal issues that may arise in the future, for example due to unsatisfactory processes or documents.

We offer advice to private individuals, real estate companies and investment funds on all aspects of real estate transactions in Spain. Our sizeable team includes specialists in land and real estate law, corporate and finance law, and tax law. Our lawyers advise on domestic and cross-border real estate M&A transactions, real estate financings and NPL portfolio trades.

The legal process of ensuring that both buyers and sellers meet their obligations when buying or selling real estate in Spain is known as conveyancing. We make sure that the contract is compliant with Spanish property law and that all necessary steps have been taken to complete the purchase without any problems. This is especially important for foreigners who wish to acquire property in Spain.

As a result of the legal investigation, we can check whether there are any existing debts on the property (mortgages, seizures or non-paid taxes). This would automatically be transferred to the new owner through the sale. In addition, we will examine the urban situation of the property and perform a technical inspection of buildings and materials. We will also prepare a documentation folder and draft the final purchase deed.

We are also able to draw up a rental contract (asturia) on your behalf. This will grant you a right of use for a certain period of time, in exchange for an agreed monthly payment.

During the legal investigation, we can also review all kinds of possible contracts, such as reservation contracts signed with real estate agencies or verbal agreements between the seller and the buyer. Our lawyers can help you clarify the terms of these contracts and advise you accordingly.

Another important point is the inheritance law. Our lawyers will check the legal situation of the seller and cadaster and verify that the transfer is free of any restrictions or charges. We will also advise you on the drafting of a will and if necessary make enquiries about the legal status of the property within the community of owners.

We can help you find a property surveyor in Spain and arrange for a building survey to be carried out. This is a good idea to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises after your purchase and save you money in the long run. In the event that important defects are discovered, we can help you negotiate a reduction in price or remedial work. We can also help you obtain the NIE (Nmero de Identificación de Extranjero) and open a bank account in Spain. Finally, we can advise you on the different types of taxes and fees that must be paid when buying or selling real estate in Spain. real estate lawyer spain

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