The Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

Whether you are looking for a solid conservatory roof to help create a new living room, kitchen/diner or home office the benefits of a well insulated solid replacement roof are immense. The best solid conservatory roof products on the market will be rated as having low U-values, meaning that they retain heat effectively and block out the strongest of the summer sun ensuring your conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature all year round.

A poorly insulated conservatory is often a waste of space and money as the heat escapes so easily and it can be difficult to keep the room warm enough to use it in winter – it’s not uncommon for homeowners to stop using their conservatories altogether as they become unusable. A replacement roof will not only transform the useability of the room but it will also reduce your energy bills significantly.

Solid roofs for conservatories are available in a range of finishes including slate and modern tiles. They are designed to make your conservatory a year-round space for relaxing and socialising. Some installers offer a range of skylights and a choice of tiling to help you create the look you are after.

When choosing a supplier, ask to see examples of completed installations and read reviews from their previous customers. Also look for a comprehensive guarantee and a manufacturer warranty to give you peace of mind.

It’s worth noting that, if you change your conservatory roof from transparent to solid, then you will need to apply for a Building Regulations Certificate from the local council and may need to replace your existing windows, doors and base too. A quality, reputable installer should be able to assist you with this process.

Some companies, such as Supalite have specialised in lightweight tiled conservatory roofs that are designed to be a less disruptive upgrade than other alternatives. In these cases the roof is assembled in full at the manufacturing plant and then delivered to your home as a complete unit ready for installation.

Some people are surprised to find out that they can get a new solid conservatory roof without having to pay for the entire structure to be rebuilt. If you choose the right installer, they will be able to offer you a system that can be installed onto an existing conservatory if it is in good condition and has been structurally inspected by a professional prior to installation. The key is to ensure you use an installer with national reach and that their roofing products are backed by a BBA (British Board of Agreement) or LABC (Local Authority Building Control) approved design. The LABC certification guarantees that the roof and any double glazed windows, plaster boarding, lighting, insulation and the conservatory furniture will comply with Building Regulations. This will also give you peace of mind that your installer is a reputable and reliable company.

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