Sidr Leaves Uk

Sidr leaves Uk are a natural remedy for various health conditions including skin diseases. It helps to fight dandruff, head lice and other scalp issues. It also has a strong antiseptic effect and is used in the treatment of wounds. Its roots and bark are rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium and are used in a variety of medicinal preparations. The fruit and seeds are rich sources of energy and its wood ash is an effective remedy against snake bites.

The shady lote (Sidr) tree is mentioned in the Quran and sunnah as one of the plants of Paradise. In fact, Allah describes paradise as “[They will be] among lote trees, the thorns of which have been removed” (al-Waqiah: 28). The plant is known for its numerous health benefits; its fruits are rich in protein, its leaves provide essential vitamins and minerals, and its honey is considered the ‘Manuka of the Middle East’ due to its healing properties.

Yemeni Sidr honey is considered one of the finest mono-floral honeys in the world. It is produced in the Hadramout region of southern Yemen and is highly sought after due to its unique flavor, high nutritional value and medicinal benefits. The secret to its special taste is in the way it is harvested: only a short time each year is allowed for bees to collect its nectar. This makes Yemeni Sidr honey much more expensive than other types of raw honey.

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