Retail Digital Marketing For Retail Chains

retail digital marketing is the process of attracting consumers to your brand through online mediums. It is crucial for retail chains because nearly two-thirds of customer shopping journeys start online. This means that a strong online presence is no longer just an additional channel for reaching customers, but is now essential for success in the industry.

Retailers need a robust digital marketing strategy because customers’ interests are constantly changing. For example, shoppers often check a product’s features and price on their mobile phones before they buy in-store. This has created the phenomenon of “retail convergence” where physical and digital stores have become merged. This requires a digital marketing strategy that combines data from across channels to create personalized online experiences for the customer.

Consumers expect retailers to be able to react to their individual needs in real-time. This means that they expect personalized content based on all of the knowledge that the retailer has about the customer – including their demographics, purchase history, and behavior. Using a customer data platform, retailers can easily combine these different information sources to create unified customer profiles (UCPs) to deliver the right experience to each person at the right time.

The digital landscape for retail has changed drastically in recent years, and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. This has provided new opportunities for retailers to attract customers beyond geographical boundaries, lower their marketing costs and provide improved support services. However, these benefits are only available to those who are willing and able to leverage the power of data to drive their business forward.

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