Replacing Fridge Door Seal

Undergoing a series of economical major depression should teach us a lesson on how to cut down costs even in electric bills. We should be knowledgeable on how to save electricity from our electric appliances especially our fridge. Fridge is one of the appliances that use up much of electricity since it requires to be turned on continuously. However,there’s an instance that fridge cost us more money and it happens when its door seal quits functioning.

How can we determine if fridge door seal stops working? Well, that is when electric bill increases unreasonably and stocked foods in the fridge are spoiling quicker. In this case, we need to assess our fridge door seal it has little cracks in it.Torn fridge door seal actually would allow outside air to go in leading to higher electricity consumption and earlier food spoilage. Time comes when the seal won’t close fridge door securely. To determine this, try to close the fridge while placing a paper bill. Once we are able to pull out the paper bill that means that the fridge door seal demands to be replaced. Fridge door seal retires when fridge has been used for a long time.

Changing fridge door seal is very easy and just take minutes of our time.. Thus, there is no need to hire companies who install door seal for us.In addition, buying a new fridge door seal is super easy because fridge door seal is available in any hardware stores. But if you don’t feel like going out, then you can simple google it and get it delivered right away. Once new fridge door is readied, we can begin renewing our old worn fridge door seal by the doing the following steps.

•    Get rid of Old Fridge Door Seal .The very first step that we should be doing is removing the fridge door seal is to unplug the fridge .Of course, our aim is to conserve energy. Opening the fridge actually lets off 30% of cool air from it. The easiest way to remove the old worn door seal is to run your thumb underneath it and pull it away from the fridge door.

•    Clean the portion where the fridge door seal was affixed. After pulling out the old fridge door seal, clean the part where the fridge door seal was attached to. In so doing, we are actually starting up anew with a tidy and odorless fridge with a new fridge door seal. There are fridge liquid solution that you can use in cleaning.

•    Attach the new fridge door seal. Now, we can begin affixing the new fridge door , first at the very top , then the sides and finally the base part. Thrust the fridge door seal in place to ensure that it is tightly fixed.

Owning an old fridge does not really mean purchasing a new pricey one. With our aged fridge we can still maintain the cold temperature hence preserving the freshness of stored foods and save our money from paying high electric bills. The only solution is to replenish our old fridge by replacing fridge door seal with a new one. rv refrigeration

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