Online Monitoring of Darknet Sites

Онлайн мониторинг даркнет сайтов enables businesses to see whether their sensitive data has been exposed on criminal websites and to identify any threats. It also gives them the ability to stop hackers before they can get their hands on their corporate assets and information.

There are several types of dark web monitors on the market, some of which offer a free trial. These scanners are usually easy to use and work in the background, scanning millions of websites for stolen data.

Some of these services have a paid subscription, but they are generally affordable and worth the investment for companies that want to stay ahead of hackers and prevent breaches. These products typically scan 600,000 dark web pages every day and send notifications if they find potentially compromising information.

Among the best tools we tested, CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence Recon scours the Dark Web for mentions of your company, its assets and any email addresses that may belong to key executives or employees. It also provides analysis reports and warnings about potential attacks that chatter indicates will be launched against specific industries or countries.

Another good dark web research tool is Echosec Beacon. It offers a similar service to CrowdStrike but costs significantly less and is much easier to use. It uses a machine learning approach to scan the Dark Web for mentions of your brand, corporate identities and email addresses.

This is especially valuable for companies that have recently suffered a data breach and wish to know if their information has been disclosed on the dark web. It can help companies protect their customer information by alerting team members and giving them the opportunity to change passwords.

A few of these systems do not collect user account details, but they do scour the dark web for privileged credentials that can be used to gain access to a network’s infrastructure. This includes passwords and usernames for network administrators, DBA accounts, and other critical user data.

Digital Shadows SearchLight is a search engine that scours the dark web for mentions of your company’s procedures, site plans, and internal memos. It finds those instances on dark web marketplaces that sell illicit goods and then alerts you to them.

Other systems, like Echosec Beacon, provide more detailed, specialized coverage by looking for mentions of specific people or their email addresses that may be associated with your company. They can then be monitored for changes in behavior that could indicate an attack.

The service offers a free trial, and it works by searching Dark Web marketplaces, social media platforms, and forms for any incidences of your information up for sale. You can set up custom alerts to receive notifications in the event of a data breach.

Keeping your data safe from hackers is the number one priority for most companies. There are a number of ways to do this, including the implementation of secure logins and encryption protocols.

Some companies also employ a user awareness program to educate employees on phishing and other common cyber security scams. These programs can be very effective, and they should be a regular part of an organization’s security program.

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