Norcold Cooling Units

The cooling unit (absorption unit) is the circulatory system of the refrigerator. It is the source of many Norcold complaints and horror stories. The stories include refrigerator fires, and the Norcold recall ‘fix’ that fails to control boiler overheating.

A gurgling sound, when the fridge is on and heat is applied is an indication that the cooling unit is leaking water and there is a hole in the coil. If you are hearing this it is recommended that you call a RV technician immediately.

Often the cooling units are misinstalled. In order to install the unit properly, great care needs to be taken in securing the evaporator foam pack into the pocket of the cooling unit. Some manufacturers give instructions which include using thermal mastic around the sealing area between the evaporator and the cooling unit pocket. This is a very bad idea and should never be done. The thermal mastic is a conductor and will draw heat into that area which can cause rust and other problems.

The remanufactured Nordic cooling units at Ozark Refrigerators use heavier wall seamless tubing, a stronger boiler design and are sealed to withstand thermal stress. This translates to a cooler, longer lasting unit that will not rust and leak like cheaper, OEM or aftermarket replacements.

When you are ready to replace your old Norcold or Dometic cooling unit, be sure you are purchasing a fully remanufactured unit that is sold by an RV refrigeration shop. Many shops will sell the same cooling unit that is used in their factory service center. Pines RV Refrigeration in Shipshewana, IN is a supplier warehouse and shipping point for the brand-new units that are designed and built by JC Refrigeration. norcold cooling units

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