Men’s Sport Coats

A sport coat is a great addition to any man’s wardrobe as it offers a sartorial transition from business casual to casual while maintaining an air of sophistication. It is less formal than a suit jacket and often worn in conjunction with chinos or jeans to create an elegantly put-together look.

The term “sport coat” dates back to the 19th century, when men wore special coats for outdoor sporting activities like hunting and fishing. They typically featured textured fabrics and a looser fit to give off a more rustic, yet classy, appearance.

Today’s sport coats feature similar patterns and fabrics to their ancestor, including herringbone, tweed, and flannel. They are commonly paired with denim, chinos, or corduroy to achieve a smart-casual look. A sports coat can also be dressed up with dress trousers and a tie for a more formal appearance.

While both blazers and sport coats can be worn with a tie, a sports coat is typically a heavier fabric such as tweed or suede, and tend to have matching color buttons. Additionally, a sports coat has a more relaxed fitting and may be made of materials that are thicker or rougher than a blazer such as linen or slubbed texture wool. While both a blazer and a sports coat can be worn on their own, it is best to keep them separate in your wardrobe so that you have a blazer for formal occasions and a sport coat for more casual wear. Sport coat

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