Managed It Security for Small and Medium Businesses

A growing number of small and medium businesses are turning to managed it security. These services provide remote monitoring technologies and a variety of cybersecurity management duties to companies that do not have the manpower or expertise to handle them in-house. In addition to helping reduce the need for a full-time, on-site IT security specialist or department, this type of service can help mitigate a company’s overall risk.

When choosing an IT MSP, it is important to assess a prospective provider’s experience and capabilities. Look for a provider that has a track record of supporting other organizations in your industry and size category. Be sure to also ask for client references. Finally, make sure that the provider can assist with strategic IT planning, including infrastructure enhancements and configuration changes. This planning should extend well beyond the near future, into the next year or two.

Bringing in an IT MSP can boost client productivity by freeing up internal IT staff to focus on higher priority and more important tasks. In addition, the specialized knowledge and technical expertise that a MSP offers can help prevent costly cyber attacks and mitigate security risks.

MSPs can also assist with a variety of other IT security related tasks, such as patch management, which helps eliminate vulnerabilities created by out-of-date applications. They can also monitor network security tools, perform a variety of security audits, and help ensure that all data is protected and stored in accordance with business and government regulations.

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