Magic Mushroom Kits

Ingestion of psilocybin-containing mushrooms can cause a variety of effects, including sensory distortion, altered perception of time, and profound introspection. A psychedelic trip lasts between 4 and 6 hours, with the peak occurring within the first two to three hours.

Magic mushroom kits make the cultivation of these entheogens at home a relatively simple and affordable process for beginners. A number of pioneers in the field, such as Oss and Oeric (the founders of PF Tek), Professor Fanaticus (inventor of the mushroom grow tent) and the community of Mycotopia have simplified the growing techniques to make this type of mushroom cultivation accessible to anyone with a little patience.

When purchasing a Magic mushroom kit, it is important to choose the right one for your needs and experience level. The best grow kits will have high product yields, a sturdy container and adequate light, temperature, and humidity. These factors can affect the quality of your harvest and the length of your trip, so choosing the correct kit is vitally important.

Mushrooms need a substrate to start their growth cycle, and inoculated kits come with this in place. Once the substrate is filled with water, the fungi will begin to grow and produce a fruiting body. It is recommended that you open the grow bag each day for a minute or so to let in fresh air and spray the surface with water.

The McKennaii mushroom Mondo grow kit is named after the philosopher and psychonaut Terence McKenna, and it produces some of the strongest psilocybin-containing spores available in a home-grown magic mushroom kit. The Mondo strain is a mellower variation of the McKennaii strain, and it can still produce extreme geometric eye-closed visuals and undulating objects, along with profound introspection.

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