Is It Possible to Put a Cat Flap in a Composite Door?

Whether or not is possible to insert a cat flap into a composite door is a question that puzzles many home owners, and is one that we try have tried to address in the most efficient and informative manner possible. As a general rule you can, but there are a number of factors that should influence your decision.

The door in question

Composite doors are made from extremely durable hardwood timber, with thermo-plastic skins ensuring that security is guaranteed. In addition to this, energy efficiency and weather resistance mean that, even if you are able to fit a cat flap in the door, you better do it carefully if you want to preserve these qualities. While composite doors are more associated with the front of the house than the back, why shouldn’t cats be able to pop in through the front door?

Is it possible?

Well, the answer is yes, but hang on. Before you go gallivanting off to buy your new door safe in the knowledge that your kitty will have full access, you should bear something in mind. It is essential to have the cat flap installed as the door is being constructed, which shouldn’t be hard with a composite door, as they are mostly made to order.

Is it advisable?

Should you choose to go ahead with the ‘cat flap in the composite door’ plan, there are a few points that need addressing. First and foremost, it is important that no attempt is made to fit the cat flap into an existing door, as this can void the warranty, while vital aspects such as the seals around the flap may not be air tight. Even those who offer the service are often suspect, and if this is something you insist on, be sure to check references thoroughly.

Next is safety. The whole appeal of a composite door lies in its robust burglar-frustrating sturdiness, and there are those who may well say that putting a cat flap in this type of door takes away its best qualities. Having said that, with no glass in a composite door, a secure lock should remove any possibility that the cat flap will compromise your pad.

If you plan to push ahead, then the good news is that many companies are happy to accommodate you, and you can easily discuss a bespoke design. Finally, minute risks aside, this is possible – so go for it. conservatory roofs swansea

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