Intro To Viral Video Marketing For Small Businesses and Solo-Entrepreneurs

Video is currently one of the fastest growing marketing strategies for small businesses. Why? Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods for rapid lead generation. Adding video to market your business can help you:

  • Generate Leads
  • Raise awareness
  • Generate viral social proof
  • Improve search rankings
  • Increase sales
  • Personalize your brand

If you are currently not maximizing video marketing, this article will show you the simple strategies you can use to create powerful online videos to grow your small business and brand.

Step 1: Pique Interest

The first step in building your brand and generating leads through video is to get people’s attention. You must trigger curiosity and to do that you must do something unexpected. We need to give your viewer a jolt, something that they will remember long after they have finished watching your video.

Quick tip: Use Theme Music – Having a signature theme song, tagline or phrase that you kick off every one of your videos with makes you memorable. Memorable equals Money. Music is universal and it creates an emotional response. You want to create that same response every single time someone watches one of your videos.

Step 2: Switch Up The Scene

When you are able to take your viewers on a visual journey you are able to hold their attention much longer. Instead of shooting your videos inside your office or behind your desk, explore different locations. Shoot your videos anywhere there is a great view. Go outside, go to the park, or to a local beach or restaurant. Switch up the scene and your viewers will not only want to watch the rest of your video but you’ll keep them wondering where you are going to be next!

Step 3: Rediscover Unpredictable

When you can keep things moving, infusing your videos with unexpected angles, scene changes or even walking or driving while you keep the viewer engaged. It is easy for viewers to get bored when they see the same static format everyone else is using. When you can change the background, the lightening, the color schemes throughout your videos, you keep your viewers interest.

Step 4: Elevate Credibility

You want to be seen as an expert, so how do you do this? By sharing your knowledge and the valuable information that relates specifically to your niche.

The more your viewers can relate to you the greater your results. Video is a great way to highlight what makes you or your company unique and different. There is nobody in the world just like you, there is no company just like yours and you should not be afraid to share your unique personality, style, character or company culture. This is what helps you make a connection and cultivate relationships with your viewers.

Step 5: Bountiful Benefits

There are many options for potential customers to choose from online and with so much information out there for your viewers to tap in to, you must find a way to separate yourself from the masses. You must find a way to hold their attention so they don’t tune you out or turn you off.

Just like a show premiere, you may only have one chance to capture someone’s attention so that they want to tune in for the rest of the season.

So you have to start off with a bang! The best way to make sure your audience doesn’t take you off of their playlist is to consistently provide them with benefits, pure solutions and high value content and information.

Any time we make a decision to engage in something or take action we do so because it is going to satisfy a need we have or benefit us in some way. Before you shoot any video you want to put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and ask the question how will they benefit from this? So make sure you know exactly what it is that your target market wants and create your videos with the intent to do just that. Provide them the solutions they are looking for, make sure the benefits to the viewer are bountiful and they will keep coming back for more.

Step 6: Teaser Time

At the beginning of each video you must give your viewer a reason to want to continue watching. You have about 7 seconds to make a good impression so you have to make it count. At the beginning of each video it is crucial that you let the viewer know your intent and the purpose of the video. Let them know what they are in store for?

You can say something similar to this: “In today’s video we will show you…” or “The reason I am shooting this video is…” or “Have you ever wanted to know how to”. You are telling them exactly what they are going to learn. Remember to be brief, clear and to the point.

Step 7: Reveal The Problem

When you can expose the problem your target prospect is dealing with or may face if they fail to do the right things, you help them realize that YES, I do need a solution to get over that obstacle.

For example, you may be doing a video promoting a service you provide. Your target prospect may think that your product is only for college kids, that you have to be computer savvy, that it is time consuming, etc.

Your goal is to be able to discuss your potential prospects concerns in a friendly, non-threatening way, where they feel comfortable about receiving help, just as if you where talking with a friend about something over lunch, just hanging out having conversation.

Step 8: Insightful Education

Educating your viewers and providing them with insightful solutions is ultimately what’s going to have them seeking you out time and time again.

So how do you teach in a way that makes it easy for your viewers to apply the information immediately.

The best way to do this is to outline a step-by-step blueprint, technique, a method, a formula. It may be a 3 step formula to article marketing or 15 steps for organizing your new home. It’s all about show and tell. You must be able to show and tell them the steps they need to take and what type of results they can expect in a simple and fun way that is easy to understand.

Step 9: Stepping Into Action

Your call to action is one of the most important steps to high converting videos that attract more traffic, generate more leads and make you more money. You have to tell your viewers exactly what to do next, give them instructions like, click this link at the bottom of this video now, sign up now, get instant access by clicking here now, buy it now…Get it? If you don’t do this you are leaving money on the table.

Do not assume that your prospects know what to do next. Hold their hand and tell them what to do next.

Now you may think it unnatural to ask your viewers to take action, but believe me it is perfectly ok. I know you’ve heard the phrase, “Ask and you shall receive” – well it applies to your business as well and if you want to make money you have to ask for it. Do not leave it to chance or hope they will figure out what to do next.

It can be as simple as “If you got value out of this video please visit my blog at for more helpful tips” or “if you enjoyed this video please leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought”. You can even throw in an added incentive to get them to take action. “If you buy today you will receive…”.

Effective video marketing is about showcasing your company’s personality, providing solid solutions to your viewers while inspiring them to take action on whatever it is that you are selling.

When you create and share your videos, you create a subconscious bond with your viewer’s lives. The secret is in your ability to provide helpful solutions to the problems your target audience have. There is no need to sell your product, service or business opportunity when you can provide solutions. buy youtube favorites

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