Inspirational Rings

Throughout history jewelry has served many purposes: to mark milestones, celebrate a romantic relationship, represent a faith and more. Today, a number of jewelry designers are using rings to tell stories that inspire and motivate their customers.

Inspirational rings are pieces of jewelry with a message that encourages the wearer to take on challenges or to keep their eye on the prize. This type of jewelry can help a customer feel more empowered to overcome obstacles in life, whether she is dealing with depression or just trying to get her dream job.

A ring has three parts: the bezel, shoulders and top. The bezel is a circular area that holds a gemstone or other ornament. The shoulders are a raised area that supports the bezel. The top is a flat surface, sometimes engraved with a phrase or image. Historically, the bezel and shoulder were made from precious metals, but nowadays most inspirational jewelry is made of sterling silver.

When it comes to designing inspirational jewelry, a good idea is to create a design theme that ties the whole collection together. This way the customer can “mix and match” the pieces and still have a cohesive look to the line. For example, the Fifth Element Life jewelry line uses mandalas and affirmations for a consistent look.

The hamsa is another popular symbol used in inspirational jewelry. Sometimes known as the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Miriam, this five-fingered charm is said to protect against evil and provide prosperity and goodness. It can also be engraved with different meanings depending on how the fingers are positioned. inspirational rings

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