How to Stay Safe on the Youtube Live Stream

The youtube live stream is a real time video streaming service that allows people to broadcast what they are doing on their computer, phone or tablet. The technology is similar to a live TV channel and allows viewers to interact with the broadcaster by leaving comments or sending virtual gifts such as coins that appear on screen.

Live streams can be private like a video conferencing app such as Skype but many are open to the public and may have hundreds or even thousands of viewers. This can make children and young people vulnerable to online sexual exploitation, bullying and harassment.

Viewers of live streams can also post inappropriate comments and send gifts to the person being filmed. This can be dangerous for children and young people as it may encourage them to act on impulse, potentially saying or doing things they wouldn’t offline.

It’s important to help children and young people understand the risks of live streaming and how they can stay safe. Talk to them about how to report concerns to social media and CEOP and what to do if they feel threatened or uncomfortable online. It’s also helpful to remind them that it is always OK to ask for help and support and that they should tell you or another trusted adult if they are worried. Getting support quickly can help keep them safe. buy live stream viewers youtube

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