How to Spot Authentic Wholesale Italian Leather

Italian leather is world-renowned for its beauty and elegance. It is crafted by local leather artisans, tanneries and fashion houses that are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship. While this level of quality comes with a price tag, it is possible to shop for genuine Italian leather on a budget.

The first thing to look for when shopping for wholesale italian leather is the label. Authentic products will feature a “Made in Italy” label that is stitched on the leather or stamped on a metal plate attached to the product. This label indicates that the product was made in Italy using traditional Italian leather manufacturing techniques.

Another way to spot authentic Italian leather is by examining the hardware. Authentic Italian leather will have high-quality hardware that is sturdy and will not break easily. On the other hand, counterfeits and lower-quality imitations may have cheap hardware that is prone to breaking or jamming.

Additionally, it is important to note that authentic Italian leather will have a natural smell. This smell is caused by the tanning process and the individual hide used to make the product. In contrast, fake leather has a chemical smell or no odor at all.

In order to keep your authentic Italian leather products looking and functioning their best, it is recommended to use a specialized leather conditioner to hydrate the material. This will prevent the leather from becoming dry and cracking over time. It is also important to store leather goods in a place with low humidity levels, as the material can be susceptible to swell and mold if exposed to moisture for too long. wholesale italian leather

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