How to Find the Best Jewellery Cleaner

Whether it’s your engagement ring or your favorite necklace, all jewellery requires occasional cleaning to lift any buildup of grime and prevent smudges and discolouration. While there are plenty of options on the market – liquids, wipes, cloths and machines – some cleaners may work better for certain materials than others. For example, tarnish-prone silver and delicate porous gemstones need to be treated more delicately than scratch-resistant gold. To find the best jewellery cleaner for you, it’s important to consider your jewellery’s care instructions and the product’s list of appropriate surfaces and metals.

Easily remove discoloration and tarnish with this quick-acting jewellery cleaner. The solution is biodegradable, ammonia-free and non-toxic, removing any buildup quickly and leaving your pieces looking brilliant. The kit comes with a convenient tray and brush, so you can simply place your stained items in the solution for a few minutes before rinsing them off.

A great alternative to chemicals, this natural steam cleaner uses heated water to effectively and gently clean your jewellery. It works on all metals and most non-porous gems, removing any grease or oils that have been trapped. A great choice for anyone who wants to avoid harsh chemicals, this cleaner is also safe to use on monitors and stovetops, making it an all-around useful home tool.

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