Grip Socks – Create a Pair of Custom Grip Socks That Stand Out

Grip socks have risen to prominence in the fitness and performance world. They allow athletes to push their limits with confidence, minimising the risk of slips and falls. Designed with high-quality performance features, grip socks can be fully customisable, giving brands a chance to wow customers with fun, vibrant, on-brand designs.

Our elite performance grip sock uses a heavier thread and longer cuff for an enhanced feel, offering superior comfort. It also allows for intricate, detailed custom weave options making it the perfect choice to create a pair of custom trampoline socks that truly stand out.

Originally developed by a football player, grip socks have become a must-have for any serious athlete. With a special silicone grip on the sole of the sock, they prevent slipping and sliding inside shoes which can severely impact a player’s performance. The socks are made from breathable fabrics and have thick soles that prevent minor injuries such as abrasions and snags.

Grip socks also help to improve the performance of a player by reducing in-shoe foot motion during change of direction manoeuvres and improving stability. This has been confirmed by using a sledge and pulley system to measure the static coefficient of friction between the shoe-floor interface.

Aside from preventing slipping, grip socks are also healthier for your feet than traditional threadbare socks. Grip socks are treated to prevent bacteria from growing in the fabric, which can cause odours. They are also machine washable, but it is important to use a cold, gentle cycle to avoid damaging the silicone grips. custom grip socks

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