Four Big Business Setup Opportunities in Dubai

As one of the top business consultants in Dubai, we have successfully transported variations of particular services such as Dubai free zone business setup; business setup in Dubai mainland and offshore company setup in UAE. We also assist in the discovery of the right Emirati sponsor or sleeping partner; our services also include of purchasing as well as vending existing businesses in UAE, PRO & document clearance services in Dubai and free trade zone and crossways the UAE.

Technical Services Business in Dubai

Technical Services Business in Dubai is on the top; because Dubai is important business hub for and it is the wildest growing state in terms of economy and living lifestyle. The fast walk up and down corporate structure of Dubai has twisted it into one among the chosen endpoint for Technical services business. The business heaven of Dubai is attracting large number of entrepreneurs to abstract their ideas and thoughts for Technical services License in Dubai. However, they ignore the tediousness and the hassles that may obstruct the goals of Technical Services License in Dubai.

Dubai travel agency business

A foreign investor is able to setup a Dubai travel agency license by sharing 51% of the company with a local sponsor (UAE National). Most of the travel and tourism license Dubai is a Limited Liability company and need a UAE local sponsor (UAE National) as a silent partner. In this partnership of Dubai travel agency license, the local sponsor will be paid agreed annual sponsorship fee in coming back of giving the complete control of the business to the Expat. During the formation of Dubai travel agency business, they can choose the way in which they demand to allocate the profit or loss of the Dubai travel agency business. In Dubai travel agency license it is essential to perform a management agreement between the expat and the UAE sponsor on the beneficial ownership of the shareholding, as well as profit sharing of Dubai travel agency business. Fertility Clinic Dubai

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