Fitness Equipment Suppliers

Fitness equipment suppliers provide home gyms, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and stationary weight machines. They also sell personal training equipment, such as resistance bands and duffel bags. Some of these companies offer customization on their products. They may imprint your company name or logo on their pads, for example. These supplies are used in gyms, schools, and other organizations to encourage fitness. People who regularly exercise often perform better at work, school, and in relationships. They also feel more positive, healthy, and confident. Their workouts help them sleep better at night and improve their appearance. In addition, regular workouts can boost the immune system and prevent heart disease and diabetes.

The fitness industry has seen a rise in new and innovative equipment, such as connected bikes and Bowflex home gyms, in recent years. Some of these innovations have taken the form of new technology, such as smart mirror technology on treadmills. These new developments are fueling the growth of these fitness suppliers.

During the pandemic, many fitness companies saw an increase in sales of their equipment. This included Nautilus, Inc which finished the year with record-breaking sales of its connected bikes and Bowflex home gyms. These companies shifted their focus to the home market during this time, which helped them grow their sales while keeping their existing customers happy.

In the commercial and residential markets, fitness equipment manufacturers make machines that are sold to consumers directly or through distribution channels such as department stores, sporting goods stores, and discount outlets. Many of these manufacturers have websites where they sell their products or provide additional information about them. Some even have online ordering. Mail order purchases account for about 10 percent of total fitness equipment sales.

One of the leading suppliers of gym equipment in the United States is Gym Source, America’s oldest gym equipment distributor. This company provides both new and used equipment and has a full-service department that can go from design to a complete installation. They sell top brands and offer leasing options for commercial customers.

Another company, US Fitness Products, sells a wide range of equipment including commercial grade strength training and cardio machines. The company is fully aware of the power of connected fitness and stocks several innovative products such as smart rowers and treadmills. They also provide a service that helps businesses get started with their fitness programs.

NG2 Grupp distributes fitness equipment, sports gear, and other supplies for real estate, hospitality, and sports applications among others. The company also provides healthcare supplies and medical equipment. Its products are distributed worldwide. It is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Crest Bending Inc manufactures custom metal fabrication and parts for a variety of industries including fitness equipment, industrial equipment, and automotive. The company offers products such as machine handles, oven vents, and custom steel fabrications. Founded in 1946, it is based in New Washington, Ohio. UniversalPromo, LLC distributes fitness equipment and accessories including resistance bands and duffel bags. It also manufactures custom printed fitness accessories and equipment. fitness suppliers

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