Fenben For Humans Could Save Time and Money

The repurposing of drugs to treat other disorders is hot in the medical world. A recent study has shown that fenben, which is used to treat parasitic worms in livestock, can also kill cancer cells. The drug prevents cancer cells from absorbing glucose, which is essential for their growth.

This discovery could help save time and money in the quest for a cancer cure. The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports. It was led by Dr. Nilambra Dogra, from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh. Other researchers involved in the work included Dr. Ashok Kumar from Panjab University and Dr. Deepak Mukhopadhyay from the National Centre for Human Genome Studies and Research.

The researchers grew human cancer cells in the presence of different concentrations of fenbendazole (FZ). The results showed that the drug inhibited the growth of the cells by altering their metabolism. The FZ caused a decrease in the uptake of glucose and a reduction in the activity of an enzyme called HKII.

These changes in the cell’s energy metabolism can lead to its death. The study also found that FZ reduced the number of cancer cells in a mouse model with tumors that spread to other organs. Moreover, the FZ treatment increased the survival of mice that were irradiated at the site of their tumors. This indicates that the repurposed drug can be combined with other types of therapy to increase their effectiveness. fenben for humans

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