Dometic RV Fridge Troubleshooting Tips

Keeping food cold and fresh on the road is one of the top priorities for many RV travelers. A Dometic rv fridge provides the capability to keep your snacks, drinks and perishables chilled for a comfortable ride. Its reversible hinges allow for either right or left door opening, and its high-grade seals and magnets minimize frost formation. It also has automatic LP electronic ignition with temperature control and an LED display to monitor the fridge’s status.

There are several things that can go wrong with an RV refrigerator, and a few simple tests may help you find the problem and save you a trip to a repair shop. First, make sure the fridge is plugged into shore power and that it has a working 12v battery. Next, check the voltage to the fridge’s power terminals using a multimeter. If the voltage is too low, it’s likely that the fridge is not getting enough power from the chassis battery or the fuses are not rated for the amount of current that the fridge draws.

If the voltage is okay, you should test the thermocouple to see if it’s functioning properly. Thermocouples can be temperamental, and it’s a good idea to have an extra on hand for emergencies. If the thermocouple is working correctly, you can proceed to troubleshooting other issues with your Dometic RV refrigerator.

Another important thing to remember is to close the propane tanks when you’re not using them. This will prevent a fire in the tank, which can be dangerous on long drives. Fortunately, there are often signs along highways and tunnels reminding RVers to close their tanks when not in use. This is particularly important when traveling, as it’s illegal to leave propane tanks open while navigating busy roadways.

A Dometic absorption refrigerator will work on both propane and electricity. To make it run on electricity, you must set the fridge to “automatic” or “DC.” If you’re going to be traveling in an RV with a Dometic refrigerator, you might want to consider setting it to DC so that it won’t default to propane use when you’re not connected to shore power.

Dometic is a company that specializes in RV products, especially refrigerators and air conditioners. They offer an extensive range of sizes, making them a great option for many different types of RVs. The brand’s focus on function and design makes it a popular choice for full-time RVers, and their durable construction is ideal for long trips on rough roads. In addition to refrigerators, they also produce water heaters and electrical systems for RVs. Their products are designed to be easy to install and maintain, and the company has a large network of retailers and repair workshops around the world. The company focuses on both residential and commercial RVs, as well as marine applications. Dometic’s products are backed by excellent customer service and support, and their warranty policy is very favorable.

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