CNC Machining

CNC machining in the industrial the context refers to Computer Numerical Control. Computers are used to control machine tools for the purpose of manufacturing complex and intricate parts of metal and other material. More over the cutting process is enabled, using a program written in a notation confirming to EIA-274-D standard, which is often referred as G-code. The computer numerical controls were developed in late 1940’s and 1950’s, but were briefly preceded due to less advanced numerically controlled machines. However the CNC technology has developed greatly, with advances in mechanics and the computer sector. The developed CNC machines have drastically changed the face of the manufacturing industry.

More over the CNC structure has dramatically reduced human intervention in machining. It is easy to cut curves or straight lines, and structuring intricate 3-D parts has become relatively easy.

However CNC machines have helped to increase automation of the manufacturing sector, and have enabled improvements in consistent and quality production. The machininig technology has even helped significantly in reducing the frequency of errors and has provided the CNC operators with time to perform additional tasks. CNC automation also gives higher flexibility to the way tools are gripped in the manufacturing process, and the time required to produce different products.

Often for producing parts requiring several operations, a series of CNC machines are combined into one station, commonly referred to as a cell. However CNC structures today are controlled directly, with help of the files created by CAM software packages. Wherein the assembly can go directly from design to manufacturing, eliminating the need of producing a paper draft of the manufactured component.

Moreover CNC technology has enabled convenient and automated handling, of various machine tools such as drills, edm, lathes, milling machines, wood routers, sheet metal works, and hot-wire foam cutters. CNC technologies represent a special segment of industrial robot systems, as they are flexible and programmable to undertake any machine operation task. machining parts supplier

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