Clothings For Lilo and Stitch Fans

The popular 2002 movie Lilo & Stitch made quite an impact on the world and continues to resonate to this day. Maybe it’s the wild mix of cute and chaos, or maybe it’s just the story of an orphaned Hawaiian girl and her lovable alien pet that makes this film a modern classic. Whatever it is, original fans still can’t get enough of this animated duo and new ones are enchanted from the first time they meet them.

Show your love for the extraterrestrial pair with these clothing and accessories inspired by their dynamic friendship. From t-shirts to slippers, there are plenty of items for your little aliens to wear and enjoy. You can even spruce up your home with the Lilo and Stitch Figural Mood Light, which doubles as a figurine and night light for your favorite room.

When you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the Lilo and Stitch Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. The cute aliens are printed on both sides of these shakers, and they feature a light pink lining that matches the exterior.

This movie features Daveigh Chase as Lilo Pelekai, an orphaned young Hawaiian girl who is raised by her older sister Nani after their parents die in a car accident. Tia Carrere plays Nani, who works hard to provide for her rambunctious younger sister. Ving Rhames plays Cobra Bubbles, a social worker in charge of investigating Lilo’s well-being and concerned that Nani might be unfit to raise her. Other cast members include David Ogden Stiers as Dr. Jumba Jookiba, a Kweltikwan mad scientist who created Stitch and works for Galaxy Defense Industries, and Kevin McDonald as Agent Pleakley, the hapless Plorgonarian Galactic Federation agent who attempts to capture Stitch. Clothings for Lilo and Stitch fans

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