Challenges and Potential Pitfalls of Rural Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a tool that allows businesses to advertise products or services on the internet. It can help them reach a wider audience and maximise their ROI. Rural areas are becoming increasingly connected, making digital marketing a valuable tool for rural small businesses. However, there are many challenges and potential pitfalls associated with this type of marketing.

A key challenge for rural marketers is adapting their marketing strategies to fit the needs of their local market. For example, some rural consumers may respond best to one-on-one marketing by salespeople who take the time to get to know them and build trust. Similarly, a television commercial featuring a popular country music star might have more appeal in a rural market than an advertisement for a jazz band.

Rural customers are also more concerned with the durability and value of a product than its appearance. Therefore, it is important for marketers to avoid using too much flashy or branded packaging. Instead, they should focus on creating value for the consumer and promote their product as a good value. Lastly, rural customers are often less interested in price reductions, but they might be more likely to purchase a discounted item that has additional features than a similar version without such benefits.

The online focus group participants were unanimous in their perception that the referred digital marketing initiatives, when well thought of and planned, focused on producing quality content, and executed professionally, can have a positive impact not only on the creation of a positive image for rural tourism destinations but also on generating new economic dynamics for these territories. rural digital marketing

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