Bone Conduction Headphones With Mic

Unlike conventional headphones that seal over and around your ears, bone conduction headphones let you hear your music through your jawbone instead of your ear canal and eardrum. Depending on your personal preference, this can be an effective way to listen without hurting your eardrum or blocking out external sounds. However, some people may find having something resting on their jawbone is uncomfortable. Furthermore, the sound quality can be less immersive compared to standard headphones or earbuds that sit in and seal to the ears.

Using vibrations, bone conduction headphones bypass your eardrum and direct audio into the inner ear via the bones of your cheekbone. This technology was originally developed for military and medical applications but has since been adapted for consumer use. They’re ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay aware of their surroundings, like runners and mountain bikers, or for those with hearing impairments.

The best bone conduction headphones with mic have a sleek, lightweight design that’s comfortable and won’t interfere with your neck or jawbone. The top picks, including AfterShokz’s rebranded Shokz OpenRun and Shokz OpenMove, offer a waterproof rating to keep you safe from water, dust, and other environmental hazards. They also feature noise-canceling features and Bluetooth 5.2 to deliver exceptional sound. The battery lasts up to eight hours, and you can rely on a quick 10-minute charge to give you two more hours of tunes.

Budget-minded options like Vidonn’s F1 or Siusumfo’s Bone Conduction Headphones also offer excellent music playback and are designed with a more ergonomic fit. In addition, some of these models have a noise-canceling microphone to help you enjoy hands-free calls and a durable build to withstand heavy usage.

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