Ann Martin’s Paper Quilling Jewelry

Paper Quilling Jewelry is a fun art activity for a craft night or a great way to spend time with a friend. It also makes a great gift for bridesmaids if made in matching colors. You will need a paper quilling tool and coordinating color paper quilling strips. I purchased mine at AC Moore for about $3 each. You can also find special pre-cut paper strips at some craft stores and online.

Quilling is the ancient art of rolling and shaping strips of paper into decorative designs. It has a rich history and was often used by women to while away their time. They would roll, loop and twist paper to create a wide variety of shapes that could be used to decorate cards, pictures, boxes or even to make jewelry.

In this book, Ann Martin takes a time-honored technique and brings it into the 21st century with wearable paper jewelry. The book focuses on two basic shapes, scrolls and coils, which can be combined or manipulated for endless design possibilities.

Using a simple quilling technique, you will create the honeycomb-shaped earrings shown in the book on page 62. Begin by gathering two primary colored earring outline circles (a circle has an interior diameter of one inch). Next, gather two pieces of the secondary color.

Glue the ends together to complete each circle. Then place the circle on a non-stick surface, such as a piece of acrylic sheet or Styrofoam tray, to use as a work surface. Spray light, even coats of a clear sealant, such as Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish, over the top to protect your work and prevent it from becoming sticky. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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