A Kiddush Fountain is a Beautiful Centerpiece That Crowns Any Shabbat Or Holiday Table

A Kiddush Fountain is a beautiful centerpiece that crowns any Shabbat or Holiday table. Designed to fit all tastes and sizes, these pieces are easy to use and simple to clean. Many of the models available at aJudaica are handcrafted in Israel by highly respected Judaica artisans. Some even include a personal message, making them a great gift for someone special.

Traditionally, a cup of wine is blessed before each meal on Shabbat or Jewish holidays. Then it’s poured into smaller cups that are passed around the table to everyone at the table for drinking. The goal of this ceremony is to create a special connection with the past and to give thanks for surviving as a people and finding freedom to worship freely.

The first time you’ve seen a Kiddush fountain, you might have been struck by how interesting and innovative it is. This is because it’s an ancient Jewish ideal reimagined for modern life, a sort of Swiss army knife of Jewish ritual objects. The small, compact designs were popular among Marranos — the Jews forced to convert during the Middle Ages in the Iberian peninsula — because they were efficient and convenient for those times when religious freedom was still an idea far off for many people.

As more people migrated to the United States after World War II, however, they needed a way to keep the traditions of their homeland alive in the new environment. That’s when the invention of the Kiddush fountain began to take shape. Silversmiths like Jizchak Bier sought to fill the void and inspire renewed devotion to ancient rituals by crafting unique new objects that would make it possible for people to practice those traditions more easily, more frequently, and with more creativity than ever before.

This elegant set is made in Israel from high-quality sterling silver. The main Kiddush cup has a unique look, created by hammering a pattern into the surface of the piece. The set also includes 8 matching small Kiddush cups that the wine pours into from the main cup.

A wonderful addition to any dining room, this silver-plated Kiddush fountain is a work of art that is both functional and fun. A beautiful silver spout and a series of narrow grooves on the base allow for the wine to flow into the smaller cups from above. Each cup is a different bright color, bringing a pop of color to any table.

A large Kiddush cup pours into a set of eight smaller cups simultaneously with this silver fountain, creating an elegant and festive centerpiece for your table. The design features Stars of David and a floral motif. It’s a beautiful addition to any table and makes a lovely gift for anyone who loves to host family dinners.

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